I love teaching workshops but used to dread it when I heard the question, “How do I sell my photographs?” However, I have learned how to answer with confidence, “You just need to know three words: Mary  Virginia  Swanson.
The bio on her website  http://www.mvswanson.com sums it up best:

Mary Virginia Swanson makes it her goal to help guide photographers towards the strengths in their work and to identify appreciative audiences for their prints, exhibitions, editorial and licensing placement. Swanson has a diverse professional background, having coordinated educational, publication and exhibition programs for a wide range of institutions and businesses in our field. Swanson is considered an expert in the area of marketing and licensing fine art. It was during her tenure heading special projects at Magnum Photos, that she recognized the opportunities for artists to develop second markets for their work and in 1991 she founded SWANSTOCK, an innovative agency that managed licensing rights for fine art photographers. Swanson currently works with photographers as a marketing consultant and is a sought-after portfolio reviewer at events such as Review Santa Fe , Fotofest and PhotoLucida. She also consults with business and agencies in our industry, assisting in their awareness of contemporary photography.

Her seminars, workshops and public lectures on the subject of marketing opportunities have aided countless photographers in moving their careers to the next level.

So if you want to know about how to market your work in stock, fine-art, or editorial — contact MV Swanson (not me!)