I recently purchased a digital sound recorder to so I can begin making podcasts and webinars, add sound to audio visual programs, and who-knows-what else. My buddy, George Jardine, helped me research different models and proclaimed the Edirol R-09 a winner.

I brought it with me on my recent trip to N.E. India. The hard part was remembering to use it; the easy part was actually using it. At one point we came across a group of boys hunting ghosts (really, they were) with bows and arrows. They were walking down the road winging arrows into the trees singing a wild song. I tucked the recorder in my belt and continued taking photos. The sound is fabulous. (I will add a short piece here shortly.) I’m a convert.

The R-09 from Edirol/Roland is an ultra-compact portable recorder that captures outstanding-sounding audio. The owners of this device usually give praise to its simple-to-navigate operation via the cool-looking display, and to the sound quality of its built-in stereo condenser mics. It features a reverb effect to sweeten the sound, a switch to use a mono or stereo external mic, a low cut filter, and an auto gain switch to use for evening sound levels (live voices at a meeting). The R-09 is also available in white and red.

I bought mine at B&H Photo Video in NY. www.bhphotovideo.com (my favorite online store for equipment)