I did love Kodachrome. I would not currently chose film over digital, but Kodachrome taught me so much about photography. I am not surprised that it is being discontinued, nor dismayed — just giving a few final words at the funeral. http://homepage.1000words.kodak.com/default.asp?item=2388083

I was one of the last photographers at Getty to use Kodachrome. I knew it so well that I rarely took a light reading. Finally I did switch to the more vibrant chromes, at their insistence; my last film favorite was Extachrome SW (saturated warm). I was never a Fuji fan; the 50 ISO was a problem for me as I handhold most everything.

I have many favorite images from Kodachrome. Here is an early one that has “staying power” and was on the cover of my first book Adventure Travel Photography (out of print).


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