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I’m honored to be featured in the new Craft&Vision digital magazine, PHOTOGRAPH. It is a gorgeous 250-page ad-free digital magazine for creative photographers, downloadable in PDF format. This issue is dedicated to travel and adventure and features 4 photographers – myself, Chris Burkard, Richard Salas, and Richard Martin. It is only $6 at the moment (regularly $8). However, it is worth getting a subscription; it is a stunning magazine.

Please note that the webpage has my name spelled incorrectly but it should be changed in the magazine by now. (No worries, wonderful people at Craft&Vision…everyone spells it incorrectly.)

and YES, I’m gearing up to begin contributing to my blog again. Watch for an upcoming Anatomy of a Photograph soon!

I’m excited to announce my new exhibit: INVISIBLE LIGHT: THE WORLD IN INFRARED opening today!

I can’t say strongly enough how much I appreciate working with the Verve Gallery of Photography. They are the best!

I hope you will be able to see the show in person, as prints are best seen on paper glory. However, if that isn’t possible, I hope you will take a look at the 32 images online. 


NEVADA WIERInvisible Light: The World in Infrared

September 6 – November 2, 2013

Opening reception: Friday, September 27, 2013, 5–7 p.m.

Nevada Wier, a Santa Fe resident, is an award-winning photographer and instructor specializing in capturing images from the remotest corners of the globe and the cultures that inhabit them. Her journeys have taken her throughout Southeast Asia; to India, China, Nepal and Central Mongolia; and to New Zealand and South America.

Sri Lanka. Dalawella. Stilt Fishermen. Digital Infrared. MR# 201008_SL_02Sri Lanka. Dalawella Village. Stilt Fishermen. 2010. Archival pigment ink print, 20 x 30”, Ed. of 40

Nevada has had two previous exhibitions here at VERVE Gallery: A Nomadic Vision: 25 Years in January 2008. Her first show was a retrospective of her first 25 years as a photographer. Her Outer India exhibition in 2010 focused on images of the cultures found in the remote areas at India’s borders.

201101_Myanmar_0491_20inchChopMyanmar. Bagan. Sulamani Temple. Young Monks. 2011 Archival pigment ink print, 20 x 30”, Ed. of 40

Nevada brings a completely novel perspective in her images from this new body of work, Invisible Light: The World in Infrared. This is how she describes the work:

“Our visual familiarity with the world we live in is limited to colors in the visible spectrum. Beyond what our eyes can see lies the iridescent world of the infrared (IR) spectrum. Six years ago I began exploring the challenge of making the invisible visible: photographing unusual places using the unusual, haunting light of infrared. The resulting photographs are truly images in a different light.

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Hola everyone: I’m sorry for the long absence from this blog. I had a heck of year  — car accident, boiler burst in my house, then a robbery, then I broke my foot, my mother died… so I did what any sane person would do … I went traveling! I have been to India, Myanmar, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, and just recently Sri Lanka. I’m happy to report that I am healed, although my neck does have restricted movement. I’m still doing different therapies and hope for more progress. My house is back together, looking better than before! No current tragedies and I plan on keeping it that way!

I will never be a one-a-day blog person (even one a week is pushing it) but I do plan on more consistent posts. So stay tuned!

Excelsior! Nevada

© nevada wier               Thimpu, Bhutan

I am not a big telephone fan. I have three different numbers (land, mobile and fax) and rarely use any of them. There is a message on my cell phone “Forget about leaving a message because I rarely pick up this phone”. Verizon even called me a couple of years ago to ask if I had lost my phone since I had no charges on it. Last summer I decided to get an iPhone, not for the telephone part (ATT is hopeless in Santa Fe) but for the aps! When I first got the phone I learned how to use all the stuff on it, including the camera, but then never thought about it again. I know there are a growing number of iPhone photographers who are doing great images but I have never been interested. I did get some photo aps awhile back but never bothered to learn how to use them. Basically I am either out of the country in some back-water, side-lit, off the map place, where phone coverage is a whisper of an idea or I’m at home, near my land line, staring at a computer all day. When I get down to cans of tuna fish to eat and have to go into town then I take the iPhone with me, but mostly to get my email.

So there I was last Friday being wheeled into the Denver Health ER on a stretcher with a broken neck (more on this later) and I thought, “I should record this! I was holding my phone in my hand but couldn’t remember how to use its camera. I fumbled about and managed to make a photo. (I realized later that this was only the third photo I had ever taken with this phone.) It wasn’t easy doing a self-portrait, having to turn the camera towards me and twist my fingers around so I could push a button I couldn’t see. Somehow I managed it (you can see the photo after the jump) and I thought “Wow, I’m a convert!” (Yeah, it would have easier with new iphone, I know… but I’m not getting it until Verizon comes onboard; crossing all digits for that.)

Actually this is just a convoluted way of saying that I was in a car accident last week. Now before you rush to send me an email, text, pigeon, or flowers, I beg you to resist. Please go outside and wave all kinds of white light in my direction or scream “Get well Nevada” into the universe. The kindest thing you can do for me is not to email me, otherwise I will feel badly if I don’t respond (it is just the way I’m wired).

I have always said that I’m safer traveling overseas than driving in America. I sure hate that I was proven right about this.

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Friday, July 9th was the premier of my new show OUTER INDIA. Twenty-eight images from a work-in-progress on the lesser-known tribal regions of India is at the  Verve Gallery of Photography in  Santa Fe, NM July 9 – August 29th, 2010. Over 400 people attended the opening!!  And some of my wonderful friends came from out of town. I am so thrilled. Excelsior!

Lightroom 3 is finally out! I am proud to be one of the four experts for Lightroom Workshops 2-day Intensive Workshops that are being offered nation-wide — perhaps in your hometown (or nearby).

Adobe Lightroom allows users to download, organize, manage, develop, and present digital photography using their own laptops. It is considered essential for today’s digital photography workflow.

Lightroom Workshops are led by Jerry Courvoisier, digital maven extraordinaire; George Jardine, one of the original Adobe Lightroom team members; Michael Clark, internationally published extreme sports and outdoor photographer; and Nevada Wier, award-winning photographer specializing in documenting the remote corners and cultures of the globe.

You can see a full list of the cities at (see the jump for a Summer Special)

I will be teaching the weekend workshops (more may be added):

Aug. 7 – 8         Santa Barbara, CA

Sept 18 – 19     Boulder, CO

Founder Jerry Courvoisier, “My colleagues and I offer the best value and most information in this field: a serious 2-day hands-on workshop for just $395. Our workshops offer an experiential, personalized, interactive approach to learning. Participants bring their laptops with the current version of Lightroom 3 installed and we dig in straight away with practical applications for the software and workflow time-saving tips. We like to say, ‘You’ll learn by doing, then walk away knowing.’ This approach is essential to personalizing your own digital workflow.”

© nevada wier         India. Northeast. Nagaland.

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I will presenting a seminar CREATIVITY WITH LIGHT with Dan Westergren (Editor of National Geographic Traveler magazine) on May 16th in Seattle, Washington. If you live in the area I hope you can come!

Creativity With Light

Have you ever anticipated getting to a beautiful location you want to photograph only to arrive and find yourself thinking, “The light’s not right, now what?”  Whether it’s a once in a lifetime vacation to a remote location or an important magazine assignment, you know you have to get the picture.  Join National Geographic Traveler senior photo editor Dan Westergren and world-renowned travel photographer, Nevada Wier as they demonstrate how to find great light and what to do when it’s “not quite right”.

Click to learn more about the seminar

I’m home after 2 months of traveling in Bhutan and N.E. India. It’s time to reve up the posts especially since I was listed in Photography Colleges Top 100 Travel photography blogs I shall endeavor to deserve it.

Give a few days to unpack, go through mail, eat popcorn, drink wine, and enjoy the Santa Fe spring.

hope you like it…

I did love Kodachrome. I would not currently chose film over digital, but Kodachrome taught me so much about photography. I am not surprised that it is being discontinued, nor dismayed — just giving a few final words at the funeral.

I was one of the last photographers at Getty to use Kodachrome. I knew it so well that I rarely took a light reading. Finally I did switch to the more vibrant chromes, at their insistence; my last film favorite was Extachrome SW (saturated warm). I was never a Fuji fan; the 50 ISO was a problem for me as I handhold most everything.

I have many favorite images from Kodachrome. Here is an early one that has “staying power” and was on the cover of my first book Adventure Travel Photography (out of print).


© nevada wier  1985  Nepal

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