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I have the honor of being listed in the recent issue of Photo District News as one of thirteen top workshop instructors. You can read the article here: PDN article    And an interview with me: PDN Interview

PDN Reader Survey: The Best Workshop Instructors. August 03, 2011

2-Day “Hands On” Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.0 Workshop

Dallas/Ft Worth        Saturday, September 17, 2011 – Sunday, September 18, 2011

The cost for both days is $295.00 with an early registration $100 discount. Early Discount is applied to all registrations before the start date of the scheduled.  For registration

Flash and Low-Light Photography  w/Nevada Wier & Carlan Tapp

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops    Santa Fe, NM     October 5 – 8, 2011  For more information: 

Low-light, late evening, and nighttime photography are challenging and rewarding aspects of travel photography that are often overlooked. This action-packed, four-day workshop delves into long exposures; work with on-camera and off-camera small strobes, and painting with light. Geared to the traveling photographer who desires to photograph hand-held in low light, we work with accessories that are easily carried in your camera bag. No big heavy cases in this workshop! Nevada and Carlan use a lively blend of lectures, discussions, and assignments to support the challenges of tackling low-light photography with a digital camera. Their emphasis is on expanding your creative vision in the realm of low-light photography in order to elevate your travel photography beyond the ordinary. The historic town of Santa Fe is a perfect backdrop for our photographic forays. In addition, the workshop coincides with the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which provides abundant and exciting opportunities for late-evening or early-morning photography. The workshop includes group and individual critiques and personal assignments. Those who want to explore the creative possibilities of low-light photography, and don’t mind staying up late, are encouraged to attend.

The Dream Team Travel Photography Workshop

San Cristobal de Las Casa, Mexico    January 13 – 21, 2012  For more information:   Field Instructors: Nevada Wier, Brenda Tharp & Holly Wilmeth   Logistics: Jeremy Woodhouse & Ita Gelada

You are not going to want to miss this opportunity to photograph with four of America’s active travel and nature photographers – all together for six days in the wonderful colonial town of San Cristóbal de las Casas in the southern state of Chiapas, Mexico. This town is still remarkably “Mexican” and does not boast the crush of expat winter residents that many other colonial towns in Mexico do – on the other hand it is still well set up to take care of visitors who choose to travel beyond their comfort zones.

There are a maximum of 18 places on this instructional tour together with the 3 field instructors (and since it is billed as an instructional tour, the instructors are encouraged to photograph). Participants will be divided into 3 groups of 6 people and each group of 6 will be assigned an instructor for the day. The instructor will rotate every second day so that during the 6-day tour each participant will have the opportunity to work with each instructor for two days, giving them the opportunity to experience distinct photographic styles. Each instructor will make a presentation during one of the late-morning sessions. These sessions will include audio-visual presentations and there will be plenty of time for interaction with the instructors – they alone will be worth the price of admission!


Nevada Wier and Dan Westergren, Photography Editor for National Geographic Traveler Magazine, presenting a one-day seminar on LIGHT!

Have you ever anticipated getting to a beautiful location you want to photograph only to arrive and find yourself thinking, “The light’s not right, now what?”  Whether it’s a once in a lifetime vacation to a remote location or an important magazine assignment, you know you have to get the picture.  Join National Geographic Traveler senior photo editor Dan Westergren and world-renowned travel photographer, Nevada Wier as they demonstrate how to find great light and what to do when it’s “not quite right”.

Dallas    Sunday, September 25, 2011   Richland College, Fannin Hall Performance Center

San Francisco   Sunday, October 2, 2011   Fort Mason Conference Center

Philadelphia   Sunday, October 16, 2011   Moore College of Art & Design

$195.00 per person (includes lunch)      Sessions will run from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

For information and registration: 

Sorry everyone! there has been a glitch in my comments section but it is fixed now. I hope.

Hola I’m in Mexico City on my way to San Cristobal! I’m teaching a workshop in Mexico The Travel Photography Dream Team Tour (with Jeremy Woodhouse, Brenda Tharp, Holly Wilmeth, and myself)… I’m going to teach myself the i phone camera with lots of help from everyone here in Mexico!. So I got started yesterday with an app called Hipstamatic! This is going to be fun… and very challenging for me. It seems to require lots of fumbling and missing shots, but that’s the learning process! I know there are a zillon photo apps out there. Favorites anyone?

© copyright nevada wier       Mexico City.

(iphone 3; App: Hipstamatic; Film: Blanko; Lens: John S)

This one is very simple straight-on (not my favs as you know) but I’m amazed how good it works in high noon contrasty sunlight. You have to frame properly with the Kodat funky border lens and that is a bit challenging with Hipstamatic, as the frame box is teeny on the iphone.  I love that the new technology has opened up so many alternatives… but you still have to frame an interesting image. The funky processing helps, but only to a point. The first image is a more interesting photograph.

© copyright nevada wier       Mexico City.

(iphone 3; App: Hipstamatic; Film: Kodat XGrizzled; Lens: John S)

Lightroom 3 is finally out! I am proud to be one of the four experts for Lightroom Workshops 2-day Intensive Workshops that are being offered nation-wide — perhaps in your hometown (or nearby).

Adobe Lightroom allows users to download, organize, manage, develop, and present digital photography using their own laptops. It is considered essential for today’s digital photography workflow.

Lightroom Workshops are led by Jerry Courvoisier, digital maven extraordinaire; George Jardine, one of the original Adobe Lightroom team members; Michael Clark, internationally published extreme sports and outdoor photographer; and Nevada Wier, award-winning photographer specializing in documenting the remote corners and cultures of the globe.

You can see a full list of the cities at (see the jump for a Summer Special)

I will be teaching the weekend workshops (more may be added):

Aug. 7 – 8         Santa Barbara, CA

Sept 18 – 19     Boulder, CO

Founder Jerry Courvoisier, “My colleagues and I offer the best value and most information in this field: a serious 2-day hands-on workshop for just $395. Our workshops offer an experiential, personalized, interactive approach to learning. Participants bring their laptops with the current version of Lightroom 3 installed and we dig in straight away with practical applications for the software and workflow time-saving tips. We like to say, ‘You’ll learn by doing, then walk away knowing.’ This approach is essential to personalizing your own digital workflow.”

© nevada wier         India. Northeast. Nagaland.

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The July 11- 17, 2010 Creativity in Travel workshop offered by the Santa Fe Workshops filled up so quickly that we decided to offer another one the following week: July 18 – 24 in glorious Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I have been meaning to put up this notice for months now but… life has been wonderfully busy. I know it is almost full but if you are interested here is the link

Santa Fe is my hometown so you get a chance to go to some of my favorite places and visit my home and the famous “Grayroom”.

I hope you can make it!

I recently finished teaching two workshops at the Santa Fe Workshops. I emphasize in my classes that everything has to matter in an image.

I am trained as a magazine photographer to get it right in the frame. As a personal challenge I do not crop my images after the fact. I find that if I just take a step or two forward, maybe left or right, I can tighten the frame and eliminate clutter. Or, if I just move the camera ever so slightly I can perfect the composition.

And, often negative space has as much impact as a person or an object. However, you have to delicately balance the weight of the space with the weight of the subject. It is a balancing act and the tension is critical.

It is as simple as having clean space around subjects, like this:


© nevada wier     Myanmar. Chindwin River. Fog.

or space with texture and color


© nevada wier     India. Gujurat. Washing.

or a big wad of space and color


© nevada wier             Mongolia. Gobi Desert. Sunset. Camel.

You have to eliminate everything that doesn’t matter so that what is left does matter.

And, sometimes what matters is the beauty of emptiness.


June 5 – 7, 2009
Creativity in Travel Photography ( FULL)



National Geographic Expeditions

July 12-18, 2009 & May 2 – 8, 2010

On Assignment in Santa Fe



July 19 – 25, 2009

Outdoor and Travel Photography (FULL)



At this point I am not offering other workshops in 2009. I will post more of my  2010 workshops as soon as I know the dates.

Sadly the Sundance Photographic Workshops have closed. They will be missed.


© nevada wier  Jaipur, India 2009

However, I do promise to write more after April. I have been on the road since October in Myanmar, India, Thailand, Ecuador, the Carribean, and currently I’m back in India. I’m in Mumbai at the moment, taking a rest after running a National Geographic Expedition in Rajasthan (if you have never experienced the crazy colorful festival of Holi it is a must!). Next week I’m off to Gujurat to continue working on my project Outer India.

One of the main points I was pounding into a number of people in my fabulous merry Rajasthan group was to avoid “centeritis”. EVERYTHING in the frame has to matter. (And you should know exactly what percentage of the image is actually being shown in the view finder; only a few high end cameras are 100%. Check your manual in the back under Specifications). Yes, everything in an image has to matter, even the space around a portrait. You will rarely see someone in the middle of my frame unless I have a specific reason. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to jam “things” into your image, or smear a face to the edges (unless you want to) … space… can have its place also.

Here a few photos from a workshop I taught in Bangkok, Thailand a couple of months ago in January.

This face begs to be centered in the frame, yet please notice that I only included what is necessary in the frame (I do not crop my images; I challenge myself to create images in the frame).


But most of my images are not centered.



© nevada wier 2009  Thailand

So avoid “Centeritis” … it is a prevalent disease in photography!

Sawasdeekaa, Nevada

A former student just sent me this link to an April entry on Scott Kelby’s blog

Five Teachers I’d love to take a workshop from:

Karen Kuhen
Jay Maisel
Lou Manna
Nevada Wier
Michael Grecco

I’m honored and I want to take a workshop from Scott Kelby!

(There are a lot of great, and funny, suggestions in this entry.)

Honestly, there are a lot of brilliant tips, ideas, articles, etc. in Scott’s blog. I just spent 2 hours reading entries.

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