It has been six weeks and the neck is healing, but I still have to wear my fashionable neck brace to India. (I have discovered the best use for a Buff, those skimpy pieces of material that cost a ridiculous $20, is to cover the protruding pieces of foam that are sure to give me a wicked rash in the desert heat.)

And, what about the The Perfect Solution for a Crooked-Neck Photographer (sounds like a bird)? True to my hope, the new Lowepro Street & Field system is perfect for my “I’m going light!” plan.

I am going to use the Light Utility Belt (I don’t need the heftier S/M Deluxe Belt, plus it barely cinches tight enough and I’m certainly not petite). I have a Slim Lens Pouch 55 (for short lens), a Slim Lens pouch 75 (for long lens) a Quick Flex Pouch 75 (for flash) and a Utility Bag (for accessories). I don’t plan on wearing more than a couple of pouches, but it excellent that I can mix and match. It is all carried in a nifty Transport Duffel Backpack. I have to say that a lot of innovative thinking was put into this system. It is a bit more padded than I like, but it seems like everything is a bit too padded and foamed for my taste.

I’ll initially pack all my camera gear in my trusty Orion AW and then chose one or two lenses for wherever I’m going to photograph. I’m rather looking forward to going light. It might become a habit.

Now, about the travel photo vest… I ended up ordering three vests to test out. Not surprising, the Tilley Different Drummer Legends Women’s Traveller/Carry-On vest was the best made, but the pockets were small and the zippers were huge. I sent it back

The TravelSmith Voyager vest was backordered so I never got a good look at it.

I had to return the “small” Magellans Travel Vest and for an extra small (Good thing I’m not a petite woman; nothing would fit!). It certainly isn’t a robust photo vest that will hold lenses securely but it will hold flash accessories, filters, money (in a hidden pocket) and other sundry items that a gal (or guy) might need. And it is lightweight!

I’ll post a photo in my regalia when I get to India!

Oh.. and I got a new fast lens for low-light – the Canon 24mm f/2.4L II USM. I love primes!